Alex's response to THOSE tweets by Lawrence Fox.

Alex's response to THOSE tweets by Lawrence Fox.
We were horrified to wake up to these tweets using our wonderful Light LDN models for such a hateful message that goes against everything we stand for.

EVERY body deserves to be seen and celebrated and represented, with no exceptions.

To Lawrence and anyone else who might feel this way:

Firstly, please can I send you a copy of my book? I think you need to read it and ASAP.

Secondly, why are you using your platform to casually dehumanise very real people? These women are called Becky, Kyra and Nyome and they’re all an integral part of an incredibly important movement to make women who have NEVER been represented by the media feel seen, finally.

Thirdly, a preference for thinness is not innate. It is a result of conditioning, and this is illustrated by the various depictions of beauty throughout history and art. Thinness became a standard of beauty initially because of racism, and it was then perpetuated by an industry who realised they had money to make from people attempting to get and be thin.

And lastly, on behalf of women everywhere, get fucked.
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