Does being thin make you happy?

Does being thin make you happy?
We’ve all heard it before - “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I thought being thin would grant me instant peace with my body. That’s what diet culture promises, right?

I remember being determined to go on holiday and for once in my life not have to worry about how I looked. And I thought the answer to that was weight loss.

It didn’t, of course.

That picture on the right is the most insecure I’ve ever felt on holiday, despite
being at my thinnest weight. On the left? A far heavier weight, and feeling genuinely comfortable in my own skin.

I never needed to work on toning my abs or shaping my legs or new starvation tricks; I needed to work on my mind. It turns out my goal wasn’t to lose weight, it was about accepting my body exactly as it was. I realised that I didn’t need to be thin for this to happen. In fact, “being thin” turned out to be the most unhealthy thing for me, both physically and mentally. 

Being thin is not a cure for sadness nor is it the secret to your happiness. There is a whole world out there that benefits from you believing that lie, trying to make you believe that you can only enjoy being in a bikini and your holiday if you are thin. But does it benefit you?

The problem rarely actually lies with the body, and I know it might be difficult to believe that rightnow, but I am living proof and I swear down to you that it’s the absolute truth
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