It’s time to make peace with the mirror…

It’s time to make peace with the mirror…

Sad confession? I used to run the shower on full heat for at least a couple minutes before I got it. This meant that all the mirrors in the bathroom would be steamed up and I wouldn’t be able to glimpse my reflection in them (super wasteful, I know, but that unfortunately wasn’t my priority back then). I kept my head down whenever I passed a shop window and I avoided mirrors in the house at all costs.

All of that is testament to how horrified I was by what I saw in the mirror... How disgusted I was by the sight of myself. And now I look back and... why?!

It makes me so sad for my younger self - and also makes me sad for anyone reading this who might be experiencing something similar... I don’t want that for you. You deserve a life not consumed with how you look, not limited by self-loathing and not shaped by diet culture beliefs (I know I bang on and onnnnn about diet culture and I would say sorry but it’s necessary so I can’t say I am 🙃 ).

Making peace with the mirror has not been easy - far, far from it 😅 😅 but it has been SO worth it. It’s so liberating - to be able to wear stuff I like without worrying it’s not ‘flattering’, to be able to walk past windows without turning my head the other way and to be able to see my body in the mirror and see it for what it is - a body. My body. Nothing to fear, nothing to be disgusted by. Make peace with the mirror - it’s worth it ❤ 

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