Losing weight is not your sole purpose in life!

Losing weight is not your sole purpose in life!

‘You are not alive to pay bills and lose weight’ - a fantastic quote by Caroline Dooner.

I get it - it really does feels that way sometimes! Especially when you’re being bombarded with weight loss ads on social media or hearing about your friend’s new diet or reading about the new ‘miracle’ slimming product or programme in a magazine or newspaper 🙄 . The pressure to look a certain way - thin - is everywhere. And it’s constant.

But here’s the thing - we are not simply alive to lose weight; losing weight is not our sole purpose in life. Each day is precious, it’s special and it’s a gift - we can’t go through life waiting for the day that we eventually lose weight for it to begin. Denying yourself living for not looking the way you think you should look - how you’ve been told you should look - is miserable and totally unfair. It’s how we’re made - nobody should be beating themselves up for their own DNA.

Our time is here, right now, and our life is waiting for us to start living it. We don’t need to lose weight for that to happen, I promise you. Just give it a go 

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