Question: How do you feel, truthfully, about your cellulite?

Question: How do you feel, truthfully, about your cellulite?

‘Hot girl summer’ seems to centre around the idea that our bodies need to look banging for the summer. Cue an onslaught of companies offering cellulite ‘remedies’ - LOL. Waste of time, waste of money, waste of energy.

We have far more important things to be doing ahead of summer than trying to banish a very normal part of our bodies. Did you know 90% of women have cellulite?! And did you know what cellulite is? It’s deposits of normal fat cells in the connective tissue of the skin. It produces no symptoms and is not a sign of disease. It’s simply visual and has only become a ‘problem’ because people realised they could make money out of it. We aren’t born thinking cellulite is unpleasant, that mentality is not innate.

It happens to women - and some men - of all shapes and sizes! It’s just normal and I refuse to let you feel pressured into trying to get rid of it (sidenote: literally nothing can actually get rid of it, don’t waste your money).

SO - let’s get ready for hot girl summer by planning that cute outfit (as well as my swim, I’ve got a pair of denim shorts I’m excited to wear), making fun plans with people we’re excited to see and getting excited for a bit of freedom - finally! 

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