Time to celebrate ALL angles

Time to celebrate ALL angles
Many of us have a certain way of posing for photos because we know it helps avoid any ‘bad’ angles – especially on holiday when you’re in a bikini… It can be daunting when someone pulls out a camera; it leaves you feeling exposed and worried they’re going to capture an ‘unflattering’ photo of you. 

For some, it can even ruin the holiday. Which is so crazy, right? We work long and hard to be able to go on holiday and it is one of the biggest pleasures in life to be able to get away and have a break…

So please let’s not let it be ruined by photos. Because what even are ‘good’ angles and ‘bad’ angles?! The only reason we think we have ‘good’ and ‘bad’ angles is because there’s a thin ideal and we’re conditioned to think that thinner = better. The ‘good’ angles are where we look thinner and the ‘bad’ angles are where we look bigger. Right?

Looking through social media, we see a heavily curated feed of perfect celebrity bodies and their perfect angles. It’s no wonder we’re obsessed with thinking we mere mortals have to reach the same beauty standards as someone with a team of photographers and beauty specialists at the ready.

If we take away the thin ideal, different angles are just different angles. No good, no bad, just angles. Which is how it should be, right?!

Let’s get used to seeing, accepting and celebrating our bodies from all angles because our bodies deserve respect and compassion.

It might feel a bit uncomfortable at first but taking photos of ourselves and getting used to those unposed and unedited pictures is a powerful first step ❤️
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