You’re beautiful RIGHT now

You’re beautiful RIGHT now

‘I wish I was the weight I was when I thought I was fat'

If I had a pound for every time someone in my DMs has said a variation of that to me, I reckon I'd be able to buy... a nice new piece of furniture 🤣 (was going to say car but realised that was probably reaching a little because cars, turns out, are really expensive).

First off, fat is not synonymous for ‘not hot’ or ‘not beautiful’. That’s society’s warped thinking that’s got us there. Body diversity is beautiful and fat people are beautiful.

Now this quote. How sad is it that so many of us have thought this? It was never about our body, or our face - it was our soul and mind that was hurt.

But if we don't try to heal them, the cycle never ends... And in ten years' time, we look back thinking exactly the same thing.

You're hot right now - exactly as you are, right now. Fat is hot. Thin is hot and everything in between is hot. You're beautiful and worthy and life is simply too short to let yourself believe otherwise! Fighting with your reality is time-consuming and, ultimately, futile. 

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