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You’re not a ‘before’ picture

You’re not a ‘before’ picture

My entire life, I’ve considered my body a ‘before’ picture. You know the one - the photo on the left in a side-by-side shot where the person is slumped over, a look of sheer misery painted on their face, just waiting for their ‘glow up’ (read: weight loss) so they can blossom into the ‘after’ picture, reach true contentment and allow their life to *truly* begin.

I know this is the case for countless other women - is it for you, too? Far too often and fat too easily, we reduce our bodies, these crazy amazing vessels that carry us through life and allow us to navigate the world, to a project to be worked on.

We don’t owe anybody an ‘after’ picture. We should try to remove the concept of an ‘after’ picture from our consciousness - it’s not relevant. We are a now, a right now, and we have far better, far more important things to go out in the world and achieve than trying incredibly hard to alter our appearance.