Your body has never been the problem

Your body has never been the problem

Dear body… you were never the problem. And repeat. Until you believe it.

Because let’s be honest, we weren’t put on earth to pass the time despising our bodies, and making largely futile attempts to ‘fix’ it, were we?

Surely it’s about time we collectively lean into the concept of self-acceptance… Because that’s what we *actually* need. We don’t need flat tummies, or cellulite-free legs, or bigger boobs, or a chiselled jawline. What do we actually need? To make peace with our bodies. To accept the skin we’re in, and live our lives free of self-loathing that so often holds us back in so many ways.

It would be amazing if we lived in a body-neutral world where we didn’t even have to talk about how our bodies look, and I hope that one day we get there. But until then? We have work to do! When you grow up in a world that tells you to improve your appearance at all costs, self-acceptance doesn’t come overnight. It takes work.

Hence my constant reminders. I hope that if I, and lots of other incredible self-acceptance influencers (please - tag your favourites in the comments!) beat this drum enough, we’ll get to a place where lots of us feel better about the skin we’re in.

Because our bodies have NEVER been the problem. The problem is with society. And we’ve had enough, right? 

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