Alex Light is a body confidence influencer who is committed to helping women across the world feel better in their own skin. These collections are an extension of her online work, and she has created each piece with the hope it will help women to feel happy and confident exactly as they are. 

A note from Alex

  It is a total dream come true to be expanding my brand in to more categories that accommodate as many shapes and sizes as possible. I really hope you love them and enjoy wearing them for many years to come. 

 This was really important to me given my work online and we are so proud to offer everything in sizes UK 6 - 30. 

 Sustainability and looking after the communities who make our clothes are at the core of everything we do and every decision we make. The team behind this launch is made up almost entirely of women. When you buy a piece from Light LDN you are helping to support female run, family-owned businesses and the communities they employ. We have visited every factory we produce in to ensure the working environment is one we are happy to partner with and put our name to. 

My designs marry fashion and function. The pieces you see here are my wardrobe staples and the styles I reach for time and time again. I wanted them to be something I am equally proud to have hanging in my wardrobe as I am comfortable wearing.  

 I hope if you decide to purchase a Light LDN piece that you feel confident and happy wearing it. I can not wait to see my designs on you guys, the people who have supported me from the very start.

I love you all! xx