Got that 'back to school' feeling? A few ways to get excited for this new season 🍂

Got that 'back to school' feeling? A few ways to get excited for this new season 🍂
We're trying to hold onto the last of that summer feeling but the weather doesn't seem to be playing ball, does it?
Here's three ways we're prepping and getting excited for this new season! 
1. Do we need to say more?! 👀
The pumpkin spiced latte is back and frankly we don't care if it's not quite cold enough for it, we're ready! 
Giving ourselves little things to look forward to can make all of the difference during this, inevitably, manic season. 
2.  A new season calls for a new skincare routine, or so we think anyway! 
There's nothing quite like that time at the end of the day dedicated solely to us where we wash away all the residue from the day and slather on the good stuff. 
We're loving this luxurious Rose Face Mask from Fresh, not only does it smell amazing but it feels extra hydrating too.
And if you're missing that summer glow we love the Laura Mercier Illuminating Primer which gives that fresh 'just back from holiday' look without being too weighty. 
3.  There's no doubt that Autumn is one of the most beautiful why not grab the kids (or dog!) and camera and get out on some long walks! 
Remember when that's all we could do during covid? Well we kind of miss the amount of time we spent outdoors and want to get back into the swing of it this autumn. 
Plus we know getting off our screens and out the house is great for our mental health...and it's a perfect opportunity to get out some Light LDN lounge 😉
4. A little bonus...
We couldn't talk about getting cosy without talking about out our bralettes which are the perfect mix of support and comfort. Our OG Betty, Mimi and Winnie have recently been joined by the super soft Arlo Bralette making it even easier to find the right one for you. You can shop all Bralettes here. 
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