Instagram vs Reality - Alysse

Instagram vs Reality - Alysse
We've all seen Insta vs Reality pictures...but what's really going on behind the scenes? 
Our Ambassador Alysse shares her perspective...
I’m Alysse and I’m a fashion and lifestyle content creator. My Instagram page is full of plus size fashion inspo, small snippets of my very busy life and most importantly, body positivity, body acceptance and encouragement.  
I started taking pictures of my outfits last year because I couldn’t find very many other people that looked like me, sharing outfit inspo. Shortly after, I noticed firstly, that there are loads of us, you just need to know where to find us (by searching hashtags and checking the pages of inclusive brands like Light LDN who do a fabulous job of working with creators of all shapes and sizes) but also, there are SO many of us that need regular reminders that we ALL exist in imperfect bodies because perfection is not real.
Over the last year and a half, I have met SO many amazing people from all walks of life on that little app. Most of us there to share our highlights and passions with our friends, family and maybe some other likeminded people that we come across along the way. I have been lucky enough to connect with lots of likeminded people and, so many people who, like me, were looking for a more relatable and positive space on Instagram.
I am a naturally positive and optimistic person, so I like to keep my page that way, which is great, until… I just don’t feel positive and optimistic!
I noticed this week that my own ‘Insta V Reality’ is not pictures of imperfect skin or mismatched outfits (those things are all over my grid and stories) it’s, instead, the days where I feel like I want to hide. The days where I don’t quite feel myself and the days that I don’t feel like sharing.  
Social media can be a bit of a minefield and I have been so busy working hard trying to create a safe and positive space that I haven’t allowed the less positive side of myself (she doesn’t come out to play very often, but when she does…. She means it!) to feature too.
We all know that the pressures of social media elsewhere can be devastating for our mental health, so I am determined over the next few weeks, to make a few changes to my own mindset and remember that my reality includes the highs, the lows and everything in between.
Alysse is a fashion and lifestyle content creator, speaking up for body positivity and self love. We are proud to have her as one of our Light LDN Ambassadors. You can find more from Alysse @alwaysalysse
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