What would the world of fashion look like if it included us all? 5 things we believe need to become industry standard

What would the world of fashion look like if it included us all?  5 things we believe need to become industry standard

We’ve been chatting at Light LDN HQ about what makes us different and the kind of shopping experience we want our customers to have. We thought we’d share a few things that came up, and a few things we think shouldn’t make us different but everyone should be doing.

1. Models we can relate to

How many of us can really see ourselves and our body-type when browsing online so that we can really get an idea of how it would look? We’re fed up of shopping online and only seeing clothes on models who are one size! That’s why we do things differently and try to include as much diversity on our shoots as possible. When you shop on our website we hope you find women who look like you and so you know what those pieces are actually going to look like on you! 

2. Inclusive Sizing

The fashion industry has long been criticised for its narrow definition of beauty, which often excludes people who do not conform to ‘traditional beauty standards’.  That is why we are committed to making all of our pieces in a UK size 6-30.  Making fashion more inclusive means creating clothing that caters to a range of body types and sizes - styles which are the same across all sizes!

3. Sustainability

 The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and we think it’s vital to make a difference by not adding to the problem. We try to take a more sustainable approach to fashion production and consumption, reducing waste, and promoting ethical labour practices. We manufacture small, limited runs and re-stock when you guys ask for it, rather than over-producing resulting in wasted stock. It just makes sense to care about this planet we live on and the people we work with. 

4. Community

How do you know what people want or don’t want unless you ask them!? That’s why we are so passionate about our community and always asking for your feedback!  This means we understand what’s going on with you and can try to make pieces which help you feel amazing about yourself.

5. Transparency

Hopefully if you’ve been here for a while you know a bit about where our pieces are made. We try to share a lot of that with you so that you know what you’re buying. If you don’t, head to our ‘sustainability page’ here to read more! 

On the flip side, we’re happy to admit that we’re always learning and growing. When we make a mistake we own up to it and we hope this means we’re a trusted brand that you can relate to. We’re always open to feedback and we want to build a brand that everyone feels part of so it’s vital we keep sharing as much as possible with you. If you ever have any questions please never hesitate to drop us a DM! Chatting with you guys is our favourite!


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