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Why I made a swimwear line...

It is a total dream-come-true moment to launch my very own collection - and one that accommodates as many shapes and sizes as was physically possible! 

This was really important to me given my work online and we are so proud to offer sizes UK 6-30. 

The wonderful team behind this launch is also made up almost entirely of women, something that was really important to me. And we made sustainability a non-negotiable: the swimwear is made from 78% recycled sea waste.  

For the design, I was eager to marry fashion and function and create swimwear that I am equally as proud to have hanging up in my wardrobe as I am comfortable to wear out on the beach. 

I believe we’ve achieved that - I am desperate to get to sunnier climates and show them off in all their glory! - and I cannot wait to see these pieces on you guys, the people that have supported me from the start. I love you all!

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